The Legal Records Department is responsible for legal documents which are filed as public record.  Most document images are available in our office, online for most instrument filings from January 2004 to current date, as well as microfilm. Some records date back to the 1700’s. Reference below for specific dates.

  • Deeds are indexed and scanned in CCLIX back to 1966.
  • Mortgages are indexed  in CCLIX back to 1966
  • Marriages and Wills are indexed and scanned in our CCLIX back to 1797

Most online real estate records found in the database include: deeds, name changes, mechanics liens, mortgages, powers of attorney, wills, corporations, tax liens, military discharges, trademarks, assignments, releases, marriages, and delinquent property taxes.

Filing fees and document particulars for the most frequently filed documents are available online.

Access to eCCLIX© record indices and document images is available for viewing from this web site. An account and password must be assigned to you by bySMI, the Website Administrator. Special software must be loaded to your computer system to enable viewing of document images. Access fees are charged for utilizing the data and images. See the HELP topics for additional information.

NOTE: All public records (documents and indices thereof) are available for viewing in the office of the Johnson County Clerk free of charge. The fees charged for this access are intended to be utilized to continue providing this public service.
Printable Forms: Legal Records

To view and print these forms in keeping with filing standards you will need the Adobe Acrobat reader.

If you have additional questions about Legal Records please contact us

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